Gacked from [ profile] kaylashay81. Hop on to her journal to yoink the remaining spots!

The next five people to comment in this post get to request a drabble (or rambling ficlet) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. Awesome drabbles all around, says I! I warn you though: my strong suits are NCIS and CSI (all three). *nods* Crossovers are good too. Crossovers make everyone happy. And stuff.

Now, go forth and request! That's it - no more spots! I'll get to writing these drabbles shortly - they may or may not come out in order, I dunno. *snort* Just be on the lookout for them!

Finished Prompts:


Unfinished Prompts:

1) Tony/Abby/Gibbs - Gibbs deserves a head smack... And receives it! (and not from himself either...) - [ profile] kaylashay81
2) Tony/Gibbs - Something involving Jackson Gibbs; they visit him, Tony talks with him on the phone, something. - [ profile] sinfulslasher
3) Tony/Gibbs - Tony saving the day. - [ profile] ravens_rising
4) NCIS/Burn Notice crossover - open ended prompt. - [ profile] collegeanna19
5) Reverse hurt/comfort: Gibbs is injured/ill/hurt and Tony has to be the one offering some kind of aid/comfort. - [ profile] xanthelj

From: [identity profile]

You know, I've never actually tried to write one before. Hmmm - I could give it a whirl, if you like. :D
kaylashay81: (Default)

From: [personal profile] kaylashay81


If you can't do this, just take out Abby.

Tony/Abby/Gibbs - Gibbs deserves a head smack... And receives it! (and not from himself either...)

From: [identity profile]

I shall definitely give it a whirl! It'll be nice to explore the dynamic of the three, since they fit together so nicely. *g*

From: [identity profile]

I would LOVE a fic from you...but I'm not sure I can commit to offering to write any so I won't ask. Sigh. I'll just be glad that this means you'll probably have to write 5 NCIS ficlets very soon *g*.

From: [identity profile]

You know, I won't tell anyone if you, say, request a drabble anyway. Cause, you know, I like writing. And stuff. And I want to see what prompt you come up with. *gg*

From: [identity profile] I want to think up something really *hard*! LOL! about, a bit of reverse hurt/comfort...Gibbs is injured/ill/hurt and Tony has to be the one offering some kind of aid/comfort :-). Can be angsty or humourous (because actually I think Gibbs is the kind of animal that crawls away under a bush to lick his wounds and Tony is the kind who crawls in after to check he's okay and then won't leave...!)

From: [identity profile]

Ooooh, reverse hurt/comfort! I like! I shall do it!

Gibbs would glare menacingly at Tony, and Tony would be like "what?", and he'd start licking Gibbs' wounds with him. :D
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From: [personal profile] sinfulslasher

So snatching a Spoony snippet!!! *grabs it and holds it close, whispering soothing words and stroking it lovingly*

I'll post my "return offer" later today. (it's kinda not such a brill idea to go slashing whilst at work, but wanted to make sure I get my snippety snippet from ya! LOL)

See? Tony's already thinking of writing something. *g* (love the icon you made!)

I'd love Gibbs/Tony, something wild and funny!

Hey, you know what? I just read your latest fic (which, as usual, was brilliant, of course... *sighs in mock annoyance* LOL).

You know what I'd love to see? Your take on Tony with Jackson Gibbs! I mean, you mentioned in your last fic that Tony keeps in touch with Daddy Gibbs, and I firmly believe canon!Tony does too. *g* Anyway, if you think you can come up with something worthwhile, how's about a snippet with Jackson? Tony and Gibbs could go back to Stillwater for a little visit, or Tony and Jackson have a nice little phone conversation, or...or...or something! Just thought I'd throw in some extra prompts, so to speak. :)

From: [identity profile]


I think people would be looking at you funny by the end of the work day! *SNORFLE*

I think I'll take the Jack challenge! I'd like the chance to write him. *ggg*

From: [identity profile]

*slinks in* After deliberating for 10 minutes, I'm going to request one. Even though it means I have to post the meme myself. Eep.
Oh, wait. Crap. I don't have a specific request. XD I just wanted spoony!fic. XD *ponders this* Gibbs/Tony, obviously... Hrm. I can't think of something specific. How about just something with Tony being awesome and saving the day or something? (Wow, that was articulate. XD)


From: [identity profile]


Hmmm, Tony saving the day... will have to ponder if I want it to be case!fic, or something more silly... do you have a preference?

By the way, I've still got your fics on my end, but I've only been able to beta two so far. Real life got in the way, so it may take a bit longer. So sorry!

From: [identity profile]

XDD I wonder, what happens when you request something on someone else's meme that had been tagged by you. Do you have to do it again?... lol.

Umm, I guess I'd prefer it to be case!fic... or at least something semi-serious. XDD

Hehe, it's fine! You can just send the two you've done already, if you want to. :)

From: [identity profile]

Heh, I don't think so. This is just so drabbles can be spread around. :D

Okay, case!fic it is then! *g*

I'd like to send them all at once, just because I want to. I'd like to know that all of them are done before I send them. I'm weird.

From: [identity profile]

Ah, good then. Half the reason I finally decided to comment was so I could make other people do this meme. XD Yay for drabbles!

Yay case!fic! Well... case!drabble! XD

Haha, okay. What ever floats your boat! Which ones have you done? Just curious.

From: [identity profile]

I did the two drabbles first, because they were short, and it was late-ish at night (this was Sunday, I think). I'll probably go over them again to see if I missed anything. I'm hoping to beta the longer fic tonight. :D

From: [identity profile]

I want a drabble! I want a drabble! PICK ME! PICK ME! *waves arms in the air* :D

And since you said you do crossovers...NCIS/BURN NOTICE CROSSOVER. WE WANTS IT, PRECIOUS! XD

From: [identity profile]

*totally picks you!* XD

Okay! I can totally do that! *loves* you have a specific pairing in mind? Remember, I can't do het. *snort* Or do you just want it to be gen, like how the screwed up NCIS team met Michael's screwed up team? XD

From: [identity profile]

Yay! You picked me! :D

Write what you know. That's all I'm gonna say. ;D

*totally not hinting with her icon choice*

From: [identity profile]


I will not be responsible for the slashy pairing I pick, if I decide to go the slashy route. *mega!shifty*

From: [identity profile]

I call shenanigans! You CAN'T go the het route! You already told me that!


From: [identity profile]

Uh uh! I can either go the slashy route, or the gen route!

Massive NCIS/Burn Notice!orgy? *files that away for potential crack!fic*

From: [identity profile]

Oh. *sadface* Here I thought I'd get a free orgy. Wait, I didn't mean that the way it sounded! XD

Hee hee. Sam would make everyone his bitch. BECAUSE SAM IS JUST THAT COOL.

From: [identity profile]

You totally meant it the way it sounded! *points an accusing finger*

Gibbs wouldn't give up control easily. Sam has his work cut out for him! Former Marine vs. Former NAVY Seal. Hot damn!

From: [identity profile]

...ok, so maybe I did! WHAT OF IT?!?!? XD (Seriously though, a Tony/Cooper/Danny/Logan orgy? PERFECT! I WANT ONE! XD)

Oh man. I'm giggling just THINKING about imagining the possibilities there. Heeeeeeeeeeeee. :D

From: [identity profile]

That would be the single hottest orgy ever. All of them, one of me...NNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. I'll be in my bunk. :D


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