It's not even that funny! *boggles*

*begins totally pointless mini-rant*

Today I was talking with a friend, and we somehow got onto the subject of oranges. Now, I say "orange" like "are-ange." She pointed it out, and was like "since when did you hail from Boston?"

...erm, that's how I've always said it. Not my fault you're not observant enough to have picked up on it before. That's how I've always said it. That's how I always WILL say it. Pointing it out and laughing at me won't change a damn thing.

My accent is a mixture of Boston, New York, and Southern. Different bits come out in different words. Words like "orange" and "car" are Bostonian in nature. Yes, I can do the whole "pahk ya cahr in Hahvud yahd" schtick. And people ask me to do it all the time, so don't ask me to do it. *SNORFLE* Words like "water" and "ball" come from New York. And I say "ya'll" and "fixin'" a lot. When I get really emotional, certain parts come out really strong. When I get angry, my voice turns southern. When I'm happy, it tends to go a little New Yorkish. When I'm sad, Boston mixes in. *shrug* I blame my grandparents - one set is very northern, and one set is very southern, so I got influenced by both of them.

Because my accent is all over the place, people often think I'm trying to imitate various accents to seem "cool." Uh, no - that's just how I talk. Deal with it.

/end pointless mini-rant

From: [identity profile]

Hee hee. It boggles the mind, but he must be in surprisingly good shape with the combination. Wish I was in good shape. :(

Like I said, well-written is the big thing. It also helps if it's a fandom I give two shits about. XD

Oh man, he TOTALLY IS. Except with the white-hair costume. That was just fugly on so many levels. *laughing her ass off* Evil Dead isn't scary, though. Well, not anymore. Now it's just funny. :D

Something tells me Sam wouldn't be receptive. He's already in a long-term relationship with Jose Cuervo. Michael, on the other hand, would probably be...if there was a guarantee that Fiona wouldn't dismember either of them. XD I wasn't going to make the porn overt anyways, so maybe that'll make it easier for you to read. Still, you're getting gratuitous Victor, and also mental images of Victor naked, so there ya go! XD

*uses her FAVORITE Michael Shanks icon*

From: [identity profile]

Come to one of my dad's yoga classes! Or one of my grandparents' for that matter (they teach it too). :D

It was!! But then I was like "heeeee, GARY OLDMAN," and I ignored it. And Evil Dead scared the beejeezums out of me when I first saw it - and I was eight. *SNORT* But yes - now it's just funny. I laugh every time blood gushes out of the wall at Ash in the second one, or when blood comes out of the cellar after Jake gets pulled in. XD

I once read a fic that explored the time when Sam and Mike first met. Sam rescued Mike from burning in the desert, and took him back to his little bunker-type thing to help heal him. They were both totally in character, and it was awesome. Near the end of the fic, Mike was sleeping, and Sam woke him up by pouring some tequila (I think it was tequila) on his stomach. It was funny. *loves* I haven't read it in ages though. *digs through her bookmarks*

But gratuitous Victor shall be welcomed. More than welcomed, actually. DEMANDED. *beams*

*uses one of her favorite Michael Weatherly icons*

'Cause, let's face it, I can't choose just one. XD

From: [identity profile]

I just laughed my ass off at how shitty the special effects were. Also at the fact that Bruce Campbell looked kinda girly in the first Evil Dead movie. Knowing how he's kind of a god of badassery now, it just cracked me up. XD

I'd like to read that, if you find it. For some reason, I can't picture Sam wasting good tequilla like that. XD

I'm thinking that maybe Victor hooks up with Sam's daughter once or twice, just because of how much shit it would get him into (and yes, for mental images of nekked!Victor). Angry Sam is Funny Sam. My family has decided that. :D

Oh man, that icon. I love that icon. :D

From: [identity profile]

I know! "I can't shoot Shelly, she's a friend of ours!" You wimp! Then he toughened up and turned into a womanizer. Awesome. XD

Here you go! Silly Anna - he doesn't waste it! He licks it off! :D

BAHAHAHAHAHA poor Sam. *pets Sam*

I lovers it too! Feel free to steal, if you want. :D I'm about to do a mini-icon dump, and I'm gonna put that one in. *g*

From: [identity profile]

And the HAIRCUT. Oh, the HAIRCUT. It looks much better when it's all messed up and covered in goop and stuff. XD

Ooh, will have to read it! :D

Hee hee. I torture Sam, but it's because I know he can handle it. Navy SEALs can handle anything! :D

Ooer! I think I shall! :D *steals it and runs off, cradling it gently so as not to hurt the pretty*

From: [identity profile]

I know!! His hair was SO FUNNY! *dies* Gotta love the early 80s. XD

Yes! Read it! It is awesome. :D

That just gave me an idea for a NCIS/Burn Notice crossover. *shifty*

You can nick any of the icons I've got in my userpics - I don't care. *beams*

From: [identity profile]

The Early '80s: When The Only Words Appropriate Enough to Describe Fashion Were "Shit Happens." XD

Oh man, that WAS awesome. And EEEEEEEEEEEE NCIS BURN NOTICE CROSSOVER. I can has Michael/Tony/Gibbs threesome? :D

YAY! Same to you. Just so long as you credit, but I think that's a given. :)

From: [identity profile]

What an accurate phrase! XD

I told you! AND I KNOW, RIGHT??

...mebbeh. *shifty* I've never tried writing a threesome before. *ponders* I just want to see how Sam will interact with everyone. *dies laughing*

Well, yeah! Duh. :D

From: [identity profile]

Sam would probably hit on Ziva and get a black eye, and Fiona would give Ziva a black eye for hitting on Michael. And then they'd have the most EPIC CHICKFIGHT EVER. *dies laughing*

At least, that's my guess. XD


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