Date: 2009-04-27 01:50 am (UTC)
It'd be like Rambo. XD They both have a funny way of talking! XD

I can't write het. I used to read it when I first got into fanfic, and then I discovered slash, and then when it came to het, I was like DO NOT WANT! I only read it on occasion now, and I just can't write it. I physically cannot bring myself to do it. I keep thinking of all the men I can pair together, and then I'm like "screw it," and I scurry away to write me some slash. *g*

And I agree with the implied bit - sometimes, sex just isn't right for a certain fic, and it's better if it's implied. Unless you're writing a SNAFU!sex series (*coughcough*) - then the whole POINT is to write porn in some fashion. XD And classic horror flicks PWN. Seriously. *adores*

Sweet - another sprinkles/jimmies-hater! *bows*

And I saw, and I totally commented. :D And ORLY?? XD
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