Date: 2009-04-27 01:33 am (UTC)
I bet he was waiting for them to say that to his face, and was slightly put out when they didn't. *snort*

Funny, I live in Florida, and no one calls it pop here. At least, in the four towns that I've lived in. Or maybe I just hang around people who say "soda." XD My brain is either telling me that I need to get laid, or I need to write gay porn. Probably both. *looks shifty and looks around for Danny*

I hate shoes. Shoes are EVUL. If I have to wear shoes, I wear sandals. Even if it's 30 degrees out. It once went down to 28 here (which is about as cold as Florida gets, heh), and I still wore sandals. I only ever wear sneakers if I absolutely HAVE to. And even then, I bitch and moan about it. *likes being barefoot*

I once heard some people arguing over "sprinkes vs. jimmies." Either way, it ruins ice cream, so WHATEVER. XD
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