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Fic: Why Gibbs Should Lock His Door, Gibbs/DiNozzo, NC-17

Title: Why Gibbs Should Lock His Door
Word Count: ~2000
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings and/or Spoilers: Just the usual warnings for a NC-17 rating. Spoilers for early fifth season.
Author's Notes: Since so many people asked for a continuation of sorts, here is another installment in the SNAFU!Sex Series. Yes, I have labeled it. Yes, you should be frightened. I'm also posting this at two in the morning, so you should be doubly frightened.
Summary: Someone unexpectedly drops by, and Gibbs and Tony are caught in a compromising position.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the lint in my pockets and a bookcase full of psychology and crime books.

“Uh, Gibbs?”

Gibbs grunted as he licked Tony's neck.

Tony shifted. “Shouldn't you lock the door?”

“Never seen a reason to before.” The licking turned to gentle biting, and Tony shivered.

“Well, um... we're kinda about to have sex on your couch.”

“Nope. We're not.” Another bite.

Tony blinked. “We're not?”

“Too old to have sex on the couch.” Another bite, harder this time, and Tony jumped.

Gibbs didn't stop.

“...are we gonna move soon then, Gibbs?”

“Hmmm...” Gibbs soothed the hurt of his bites with his tongue.

“Gibbs, I - uhhh...” Tony's brain fizzled out when Gibbs started to tongue his ear, and then Tony didn't give a flying fuck if anyone walked in, just as long as they didn't interrupt. Gibbs was right – if anyone needed to talk to him, they would just call him on his cellphone, which was perched on the wooden coffee table. And besides... who would dare walk into Gibbs' inner sanctum without knocking anyway?

Tony reached down with shaky hands to unbutton Gibbs' jeans and shove them down. He grabbed Gibbs' cock through his boxers, and Gibbs sucked in a breath. Hands were suddenly pulling at Tony's sweatpants, and Tony lifted his hips so they could be pulled all the way off.

“Funny, seems to me that we're about to have sex on the couch.” Tony quipped breathlessly as he gripped Gibbs' cock harder.

“Shut up, Tony.”

“But Gibbs-”

Gibbs' face was suddenly in front of his own, and then a tongue was being shoved into his mouth, and if Gibbs kept kissing him like this to shut him up, then Tony would have to think about talking more often. Gibbs sharply bit his lip, and Tony gasped.

Oh yeah – definitely talking more often.

Tony wrenched his lips away so he could trail little kisses down Gibbs' throat. He brought one hand up to cup the back of Gibbs' neck, and he started to lean back, pulling Gibbs with him. Unfortunately, he must have gotten the angle wrong, because instead of meeting with the cushions, Tony met with thin air, and he toppled backwards off of the couch. Gibbs let out a surprised grunt and grabbed at the edge of the coffee table, preventing himself from falling on top of Tony.

Tony was sprawled on the floor, his head inches from the coffee table. He blinked dazedly and stared at the wooden grain. His legs were still on the couch, and Gibbs was sitting awkwardly between them, his arms still outstretched in front of him. He looked down at Tony and pursed his lips, an exasperated look on his face.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Tony shook off the shock, and replied, “Admiring the fine craftsmanship of your coffee table, of course.” He flashed Gibbs a grin.

Gibbs rolled his eyes and moved off of the couch. He hauled Tony up from the floor, and suddenly Tony was plastered up against Gibbs.

“So, couch sex is a no go?”

Gibbs snorted, and Tony was ready for the headslap. “C'mon DiNozzo – let's head upstairs before you break something.”

“I resent that, Gibbs.”

Gibbs slapped him on the ass and turned to walk away. Tony jumped, and then grinned. He quickly pulled up his sweatpants and followed Gibbs. When they got to the front hallway that led to the stairs, Tony grabbed Gibbs and pushed him up against the wall. Gibbs tilted his head up to look incredulously at Tony, who just stared back innocently.

“How about hallway sex, boss?”

Gibbs stared at him. Then a slow smile spread across his face, and he raised an eyebrow. He grabbed Tony and switched their positions, pressing Tony against the wall instead.

“I think I've found a turn-on for you, boss.” Tony waggled his eyebrows.

“I'm going to kick your ass if my back gets thrown out.”

“I don't think you'll be doing much kicking if your back is-”

Gibbs kissed him again, and Tony wondered if he could convince Gibbs to just kiss him silly instead of headslapping him from now on.

Gibbs hiked Tony's t-shirt up to his armpits. He ducked his head down to lick a nipple, and Tony shuddered. Tony shoved Gibbs' unbuttoned jeans and boxers down his hips, and Gibbs hissed in discomfort when the teeth of his zipper caught on his cock.

“Easy, Tony...” Gibbs growled, hands reaching for Tony's sweatpants again.

“Sorry, Gibbs, didn't mean to.” Tony pulled up Gibbs' head and kissed him again. Gibbs hummed into the kiss, his hand moving down to grip Tony's hard cock. Tony bucked up into Gibbs' hand, a flush rising in his face. He whimpered when Gibbs let go.

“Gibbs, what are you-”

Then Gibbs took a hold of his cock again, only this time he had his cock in hand too, and Tony moaned. He brought one hand down to join Gibbs' and together they started fisting, their cocks sliding wetly against each other.

“Thought you were gonna... fuck me, Gibbs,” Tony gasped out, throwing his head back to thunk on the wall behind him.

Gibbs let out a breathy laugh. “I wasn't about to hold you up while I pounded into your ass, Tony.”

“Aw, Gibbs... but I like it when... you pound into my ass.” Tony's chest heaved, and he let out a long moan.

“You saying you want to stop?”

Fuck no...”

“Thought not.”

Gibbs sounded entirely too controlled – why wasn't he panting like he was? Tony opened his eyes to glare half-heartedly at Gibbs. Gibbs stared back at him, that infuriating half-smile on his lips, and Tony pouted. He leaned forward and bit Gibbs' neck, hard, and Gibbs gasped, his hand tightening on their cocks. The added pressure made both of them moan, and their hands moved faster, hips forcefully grinding against each other. Christ, he was so close, so fucking close, just a couple more strokes, come on, just a little more-

“Well. This explains a lot.”

Their hands stopped, and Tony's eyes snapped open, the color draining from his face. He thought he could see Gibbs' left eyelid twitch. Slowly, they both turned their heads to find Stephanie standing in the open doorway, her head cocked to the side and a smirk playing at her lips. Her eyes lit up, and she started rummaging in her purse. “I know I have a camera phone somewhere in here...”

Tony flushed deeply, the blood draining from his cock to suffuse his face. He quickly pulled his sweatpants up as Gibbs hiked up his boxers and jeans, glaring darkly at his ex-wife.


“Relax Jethro, I'm just teasing.” Stephanie pulled her hand out of her bag and grinned widely.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Gibbs growled, a scowl darkening his features even further.

“Jethro,” Stephanie rolled her eyes. “I was in town, and I wanted to stop by.”

Tony slid a look at Gibbs and murmured out of the corner of his mouth, “Told you you should have locked the door.” Gibbs slowly turned his head to glare at Tony, and Tony studied the wood floor.

“You should listen to the man.” Stephanie quirked an eyebrow and turned to Tony. “Anthony DiNozzo, wasn't it?”

Tony looked up at Stephanie, eyes wide. “Uh, yeah.” He straightened up, and grinned. “Call me Tony.”

Gibbs ran a hand over his face and looked up at the ceiling, looking quite desperate.

“Don't look so sour, Jethro!” Stephanie stepped forward and eyed Tony. “He's a cutie.”

Gibbs' eyes snapped to her. “You should leave, Steph.”

Stephanie blinked at him. “I'm not going to steal him away.” She eyed Gibbs. “Like I said, in retrospect, this explains so much...”


“Oh fine!” Stephanie stepped closer to Tony and leaned forward to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “Here's a hint, Tony: Jethro's spine is a major hot spot for him. If you nip at the knots just right, he'll be a pile of mush on the bed.”

Tony stared wide-eyed at Stephanie, then slyly glanced at Gibbs, who looked like he was two seconds away from banging his head against the wall. He looked back at Stephanie, and sent her a saucy grin. “Will do!”

Stephanie smiled at him and patted his cheek. “Take care of him.” She turned to Gibbs, who looked like he was vainly resisting the urge to throw her out of the house. She jabbed a finger at his chest. “And you! Don't you screw this up.” Her gaze softened. “You need someone in your life, Jethro.”

Gibbs stared at her. Then he smiled a little. “I don't intend to screw up.”

Tony paused at the implication behind Gibbs' words, and he stared at him. Gibbs stared back at him, face inscrutable. Then Tony smiled, and a light sparked in Gibbs' eyes. Stephanie stepped back and looked between them.

“You two are having a moment! This would be touching if I was actually welcomed here.”

Gibbs snorted and looked at her. “You can leave now, Steph.”

Stephanie flapped her hand impatiently at Gibbs. “Yeah yeah, I'm going.”

She turned and walked out of the door. But before the door could close all the way, she poked her head back into the house. “You know, I really wouldn't mind if you guys would let me take a couple of pictures-”

“Stephanie.” Gibbs crossed his arms.

She snorted impatiently. “Spoilsport.”


“Touché.” Stephanie gave a jaunty salute. “Take care, boys!”

Then she was gone. Tony sagged against the wall, and he bit his lip.

“Don't even think about it, Tony.”

Tony bit his lip even harder. “Think about what, boss?”

“Don't, Tony.”

Tony couldn't take it. He started laughing uncontrollably, gasping for breath and sliding down the wall. Gibbs looked down at him, a frown pulling at his mouth, but amusement lurked in his eyes. He jerked a thumb over his shoulder.

“Come on, DiNozzo. Let's go to bed.”

Tony wiped the tears from his eyes and shakily got to his feet. “On your six, boss!”

“And Tony...” Gibbs suddenly turned around and started fishing in his pocket. He pulled something out and presented it to Tony. Tony's eyes widened.

“A butt plug, Gibbs?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Abby gave it to me.”

Tony blinked. “When?”

“A couple days after she smelled the lotion on us.”

Tony stifled a laugh. “Why do you have it in your pocket?”

“Well, Tony,” Gibbs tilted his head. “I was kinda thinking that we could use it.”

Tony's eyes flashed, and he grinned wolfishly. “Sure boss, it'll keep me stretched-”

“Not for you, Tony.”

Tony stilled.

“Come again, Gibbs?”

Gibbs pursed his lips. “You heard me, DiNozzo.”

Tony blinked at the butt plug in Gibbs' hand, then he blinked up at Gibbs. He did this for a minute or so, and then a wide grin split his face, his eyes lighting up.

“Oh boy,” he breathed. “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” He grabbed the butt plug and practically flew up the stairs, laughing joyfully. He paused at the top and looked over his shoulder at Gibbs. “What are you still doing down there, Gibbs?!” Gibbs laughed and followed Tony, taking the steps two at a time.

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