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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:Florida, United States of America

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My name is Devan, I'm over 18, and I am insane. If you want to know what I look like, here is a rather crappy photo of me wearing aviators. I'm studying psychology and forensics; I like reading books on the subject, no matter how gruesome and gory it can get. More often than not, I find it fascinating. I have a chocolate lab named Bosco, and he is totally adorable. I live in sunny Florida, though I wish I lived up north – I hate the heat. However, I adore the ocean and the beach – I'm a true Florida-baby in that way. I live in the middle of the state now, so there's no ocean, although there are some lakes and rivers, but it's just not the same. So I'm hot all the time, but there's no ocean breeze to cool me off. Bah.


I like to act, sing, and dance. I love drawing, and usually use traditional media (pencil, charcoal, etc), but have been experimenting coloring in Photoshop. It's awkward, because I only have a track-ball mouse, and not a tablet or anything (because those things are ridiculously expensive, lemme tell you), and it takes me fecking forever to do, but they come out okay. I'm getting better at it, but I'll always love working with colored pencil. I like working in Photoshop making icons, banners, etc. If you have any requests, just message me! I like to write fanfic as well, and requests are welcome in that department too. I love movies. All kinds of movies, really, depending on my mood. I like comedies, romances (none of that fluffy schmoopy icky stuff though - it makes me vomit), action, thrillers, and horrors. I detest the Saw movies, and most knockoffs; they're not scary at all, and they're just gory for the sake of gore. Not my cup of tea, thank you very much. I do enjoy a good slasher now and then (I adore classics like Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street). I especially like watching stupid movies and making fun of them. Because I have no life.

Er, well, you can tell one of my fandoms just by looking at the pictures above and to the right. *points* My main fandom right now is NCIS, but I also adore Dr. Who, House, all three CSIs, Psych, SG-1, SGA, Law & Order (Original, SVU, and CI), and a bunch of others. I'm also super-mega into Harry Potter, and I used to be really active in the fandom, but lately I've just fallen out of it. Some of the fans in it are just plain mean, and obnoxious, and most of them are 12. Lately, I've just been fangirling over Potter with the people I've grown close to over the years – I haven't done much in the way of LJ or message boards. You will probably see a lot of squeeing going on in my journal if a trailer comes out for the new movie, or if just something generally awesome happens in the world of Potter. *g*

Who I Ship

Yes, this deserves its own little section. *beams* When I ship in fandoms, I usually stick with slash. Probably because I generally like the guys better in the shows, and the chicks annoy the piss out of me. *snorfle* Some pairings I like: Gibbs/DiNozzo (NCIS), Grissom/Nick (CSI:LV), Horatio/Speed (CSI:M), Mac/Danny (CSI:NY), and Shawn/Lassiter (Psych). Are you noticing a pattern? *g* I also like crossovers; I'll read anything that has the heads of these shows (haven't read Psych ones though) paired together. So I've read Gibbs/Mac (hot gay Marine lurve), Mac/Horatio, Horatio/Gil, Mac/Horatio/Gil (yes, it exists). I'm always hunting for new pairings like this, and they're so hard to find! Which is driving me to write one of my own. *shifty*
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