Title: Unexpected Is One Word For It
Word Count: ~3600
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings and/or Spoilers: Just the usual warnings for a NC-17 rating.
Author's Notes: Erm, yeah, I got this idea while reading a fic of [livejournal.com profile] sinfulslasher's, so blame her. I know this isn't an update to The String Theory, but the next chapter of that should be up in the next couple of days. I just had to write this, because it wouldn't get out of my head. Heh.
Summary: Tony thought that his first time with Gibbs would be more... graceful.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the lint in my pockets and a bookcase full of psychology and crime books.

This wasn't exactly how Tony had imagined his first time with Gibbs would be.

He had imagined it more than once, had slowly stroked himself to the fantasy. He imagined that it would be all graceful tongues, Tony ripping off Gibbs' shirt in a dramatic fashion and simultaneously working his belt free, Gibbs shedding Tony's own clothes expertly and with no fuss. There would be heated and insistent stroking, more tongues, and then Gibbs sliding into him, and it would be perfect.

“That's my foot, DiNozzo.”

“Sorry boss, just trying to-”


Just damn perfect.

Tony winced. “It's not intentional, believe me boss!”

Gibbs' grip on Tony's waist tightened, and he maneuvered them until Tony was slammed up against the wall. “Stop fiddling with it and look at me!”

Tony stilled his hands and looked up, opening his mouth to say that Gibbs sure was bossy for a guy who was about to get laid, but then he had Gibbs' tongue in his mouth, and Tony's brain melted down his spine. Now this, this was straight out of his fantasies. He moaned a little, dimly wondering why the man had three ex-wives if he kissed this fucking well. But then Tony's brain coagulated enough for him to remember what had drove his boss to shut him up, and he started fumbling with Gibbs' belt again. He yanked ineffectually at the stuck buckle, and he whined a little in the back of his throat. Who the hell wore a belt that was impossible to get off?

“DiNozzo, stop it-”

“We can't do this if you've still got your pants on Gibbs!”

“Just – up the stairs Tony, I don't want my clothes all over the goddamn house.”

Tony nipped at Gibbs' jaw. “I doubt that you'll mind once I've got my hand around your-”


Tony huffed and pushed Gibbs away from the wall. His mouth latched onto Gibbs' neck, and Gibbs drew in a quick breath. The stairs proved to be a challenge, as Tony was busy trying to rip off his boss' shirt (which was impossible, because Gibbs' shirt was made out of some stiff polyester blend, and good god, the man needed to invest in some softer shirts) and Gibbs was busy sucking a mark on Tony's throat. About halfway up, Tony slipped and went down hard on one knee.


Gibbs grabbed Tony by his shirt collar and yanked up. “No more making out on the stairs – bedroom, now.”

Gibbs all but dragged Tony up the stairs, and Tony winced when his knee loudly protested. He was shoved into the bedroom and pushed up against the dresser, and then Gibbs licked a broad swath up his throat. Tony could feel Gibbs' grin against his skin when he moaned. He gripped at his boss' cock through his slacks, and the grin only grew wider. Tony licked his lips and moved his hand back to the belt, and Gibbs laughed softly against his throat. After a few tugs, he almost whined again. He looked down and malevolently glared at Gibbs' waist.

“Maybe I should find a pair of scissors.”

“You're not cutting my belt up.” Gibbs' teeth scraped against the side of his neck.

“I'm sure Sears will have another two for one sale-”

Gibbs pulled back and fisted a hand in Tony's hair. He yanked him forward until their noses were touching. “Those Sears jokes get old real fast, you know that, don't you?” Amusement sparked in his eyes.

Tony grinned widely. “Can't help myself, Gibbs.”

“Shut up, DiNozzo.”

“Shutting up, boss.” Tony's grin softened and he leaned down a little to kiss Gibbs again. His hands wandered towards Gibbs' belt, and this time, Gibbs' hands joined him. Together, they finally got the buckle loose, and Tony resisted letting out a whoop of triumph. Tony started walking them backwards to the bed, but Gibbs' pants were already sliding down his legs, and their legs got tangled up. They both stumbled, and Gibbs toppled backwards. Tony fell with him, and they both landed with a muted thump on the bed. Gibbs let out a grunt, and Tony's knee twinged, but he had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

“Tony, you gotta move.”

“But you're so comfortable, Gibbs.”

“You've got two inches on me, and you're goddamn heavy - move.”

Tony grimaced and rolled off of Gibbs. “So much for the mood.”

“Doesn't seem like you're any less excited.” Gibbs' hand moved to cup Tony's hard cock through his jeans, and Tony jerked in surprise. Gibbs chuckled. “Nope, seems the mood is just fine.”

Gibbs rolled over to pin Tony to the bed, and moved to kick off his pants. Gibbs paused, and looked down. He scowled. “Shit.”

Tony blinked hazily up at Gibbs. “What?”

“We forgot my boots.”

Tony blinked again. “Boots?”

“The big rubber-soled things we all stick on our feet, DiNozzo.”

“Oh... oh.”

Christ, we forgot to take our damn boots off – this was not part of the fantasy, DiNozzo! He thumped his head on the pillow.

Gibbs cuffed him on the side of the head, and Tony was only half-surprised at the surge of lust that tore through his body. “Take yours off too – and don't throw your sweaty socks around.”

“I'll have you know, my feet don't sweat.” Tony sat up and hurriedly tugged off his boots. “In fact, they smell like fucking roses.”

The corner of Gibbs' mouth tilted upwards, and he raised an eyebrow at Tony. The boots were taken care of, and Gibbs shucked off his pants and shirt. He eyed Tony. “You've still got clothes on.” He planted a hand on Tony's chest, and he pushed him backwards. Tony landed on the bed, and he spread his arms out in a clear invitation.

“Seems like you should fix that.”

Gibbs' ghost of a smile widened into a grin. He moved over Tony and slid his hands up under his t-shirt. Tony obligingly lifted up his arms, and his t-shirt was smoothly taken off. At least this part of the fantasy was true – he knew that Gibbs wouldn't be clumsy when it came to undressing. Some of their earlier fervor had died down thanks to the boot faux pas, but now it was slowly building up again, and now Tony didn't want there to be any more mistakes – this was supposed to be perfect, a first time that would shatter his goddamn world, and his goddamn world would damn well get shattered.

Gibbs unbuttoned Tony's jeans (thank god he wasn't wearing a belt), and he slid them off. Now they were just in their boxers, and Tony rolled his hips up to rub against Gibbs. Heat flared in Gibbs' eyes, and he ground back. Gibbs lowered himself to whisper huskily in Tony's ear, “What do you want?”

Tony breathed harshly in and out of his nose, and his tongue snaked out to lick his lips again. “Same thing you want, Gibbs.”

Gibbs' head cocked to the side. “You've gotta tell me,” he nuzzled Tony's throat. “Tell me what you want, Tony.” He continued slowly grinding his hips into Tony's, and Tony gasped. He slid one hand up into Gibbs' short hair.

“I want you to fuck me, Gibbs.”

Gibbs withdrew and gave Tony a searching look, all the while keeping up that teasing rubbing. Then he smiled, and he reached one hand down to ease under the waistband of Tony's boxers. “Good boy, Tony...”

Tony moaned. There was something else, something deeper sinuously wrapped up in Gibbs' soft voice that should be explored, but he couldn't do it, not right now, not when Gibbs was pulling off his boxers, not when his tongue was licking down his chest. His hand grazed Tony's hard cock, and Tony caught his breath. He moved his hands down Gibbs' back to slide under the waistband of Gibbs' own boxers, and he yanked them down.

Their underwear ended up tossed somewhere in the room, and now there was nothing separating them. Tony gripped Gibbs' ass and pulled him down to grind against him. He threw his head back and moaned, and Gibbs' hand tightened on his waist. He kissed his way up Tony's chest, and one hand to wrapped around his cock. Tony whimpered, and bucked up into Gibbs hand.

Fuck me Gibbs, c'mon-”

Gibbs kissed him sharply, and Tony started to helplessly thrust.

“Gotta come Gibbs, been hard for hours, please...”

“Hours, Tony?” Gibbs pulled back to look at the younger man. “You've only been here for one.”

Tony's face flushed. “Yeah, well... you do that to me, boss.”

Gibbs' eyes darkened, and Tony's face split into a grin. “Oh, does that turn you on, me calling you boss in bed?”

Gibbs' eyes narrowed, and his hand tightened on Tony's cock. Tony's eyes widened, but the grin was still there. “No fair, Gibbs!”

“It's plenty fair.” Gibbs' eyes sparkled, and he moved his head until his lips were barely touching Tony's. “Unless you want me to stop?”

“Well, I'd kinda like it if you fucked me now.” Tony's voice was breathless as he said this, and he thrust his hips up for emphasis.

A lazy grin spread across Gibbs' face, and Tony smiled back. Gibbs reached over to the nightstand and roughly yanked out a drawer. He rummaged around until he pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. He eyed the lube, and then he grunted.

“It's empty.”

Tony's eyebrows crawled up his forehead. “You been using it a lot lately, Gibbs? I didn't know that you had any hanky panky going on.” He waggled his eyebrows. “Should I be jealous?”

Gibbs glared at him. “Haven't used the damn stuff in so long, didn't know it was empty.” He tossed the empty bottle in the trash and grunted again, mouth twisting into a grimace.

“We could always use spit.”

“Dries too quickly. I don't want to hurt you, Tony.”

“Gibbs, it's not like this is my first time.”

“But it's been awhile, hasn't it?”

Tony fell silent at that, and he shrugged one shoulder.

“That's what I thought.”

Tony pondered a bit, and then he brightened. “I saw a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen, we could use that.”

Gibbs blinked at him, and Tony was eerily reminded of an iguana. “You wanna get an infection in your ass?”

Tony blinked back at him, and then paled. “Uh, no Gibbs, I think I'm good.” He clenched his cheeks together in protest.

Gibbs sighed. “Dammit, hold on.”

Gibbs got out of bed and stalked toward the bathroom, his hard cock bobbing up and down. Tony would have laughed, if he wasn't so frustrated. He thumped his head on the pillow again; things weren't going as smoothly as he had hoped. He thought that maybe he shouldn't have put cayenne pepper in McGee's coffee last week – it seemed that Karma had decided that now was the perfect time to do the whole "what goes around comes around" thing.

Gibbs came back with a bottle of hand lotion, and Tony breathed out a sigh of relief. He eyed the bottle. “Didn't know you used hand lotion, boss.”

“I don't. It's from one of my ex-wives.”

“...and you kept it?”

Gibbs glared at him. “You complaining?”

Tony grinned, and moved a hand to stroke his cock. “Nope, not complaining Gibbs.”

Gibbs' eyes locked onto his hand, and Tony grinned even wider. Gibbs flicked the cap of the bottle open and squeezed out a generous amount of lotion into his hand. He brought his hand up to his nose and sniffed. He scowled.

“We're gonna smell like goddamn roses when this is all done.”

“Good,” Tony continued to stroke his cock. “My ass can smell like my feet then.”

“You're an idiot, DiNozzo.”

“Ah, but it's part of my charm.”

Gibbs' mouth quirked up into a small smile, and he climbed onto the bed. “I'm not interested in your charm.”

“Yeah, I didn't think you'd be fooled by my fancy words. I knew you were just in it for my body.”

Gibbs slapped his thigh. “You want my cock in your ass or not?”

Tony's eyes darkened, and he suddenly grew serious. “Been wanting your cock in my ass for as long as I can remember, Gibbs.”

Gibbs slid apart Tony's thighs and moved his lotion-slicked hand between them. “Then I guess I don't have to ask if you're sure about this.”

“No, I guess you don't.”

Something in Gibbs' eyes flashed, and Tony got the impression that this wouldn't be a one night stand, which was both exhilarating and terrifying. He wanted this, he really did, but he had never done the relationship thing well. Tried that with Jeanne, and Christ, that had been a clusterfuck. But he wasn't working under any false pretenses this time; it was just him and Gibbs, and he had a feeling that if he messed up, Gibbs would be there to smack him on the head and help him through it. The thought made him smile. A slick finger working into his ass interrupted his thoughts, and Tony squirmed.

“Relax, Tony. Breathe.”

Tony breathed out through his mouth, and then Gibbs slid in a second finger and changed the angle. Tony arched up, and moaned. He was so close, all Gibbs had to do was move his fingers a little, just a little bit and he'd be there, Jesus Christ, he'd hit that spot, and oh fuck, another finger was sliding in, and if Gibbs didn't fuck him soon, he'd explode.

Gibbs suddenly withdrew his fingers, breathing hard. He grabbed the condom package on the bedspread and tore it open with his teeth. He rolled the condom onto his cock and slicked some lotion on himself. He grabbed Tony's legs and drew them up, and Tony immediately wrapped them around Gibbs. Gibbs positioned his cock, and he pushed forward slowly. Tony moaned. He had thought about this moment, had agonized over the idea that he would probably never get the chance to get this close to Gibbs, and now that he was finally here, he could hardly believe it. When Gibbs was balls-deep, Tony let out a breath. He opened his eyes, not even realizing that he had closed them, and he looked up at Gibbs. He rolled his hips, and Gibbs' cock moved in him, and he gasped. Their eyes locked again, and Tony grinned ferally.

“C'mon Marine, show me how they fuck in the Corps.”

Gibbs returned the feral grin, and it looked so much better on him, more wild and full of dark promise, and then Gibbs was thrusting, and oh god, this was good, this was better than good, but he needed more.

Tony moaned and gasped, “Harder Gibbs! I won't break, come on, fuck me!”

Gibbs' grip on Tony's thighs tightened, and he stilled. Tony whimpered and tried to thrust, but Gibbs pinned him down to the mattress. He slowly pulled out until just the head of his cock remained, and he stilled again. Tony tried to impale himself again, but Gibbs had a tight grip on him.

“Patience, Tony."

“Gibbs,” Tony sounded breathless, “you're not the best person to be lecturing me about patien-"

Gibbs changed the angle and thrust in forcefully, and Tony yelped.

“What was that, Tony?”

Tony mumbled something incoherently, and Gibbs smirked. Gibbs resumed his thrusting, harder and more forceful, and it was almost too much, too much stimulation, too much pressure, too much everything, but it was so good, so fucking good, and Tony didn't want it to stop, didn't want Gibbs to slow down.

Tony gripped at Gibbs' biceps with sweat-slicked hands, and his legs tightened around Gibbs' waist. He moved one hand up to the back of Gibbs' neck, and he pulled down, smashing his lips against Gibbs', their teeth clacking together and biting at lips. Tony tasted blood, and he couldn't tell if it was his or Gibbs', but he didn't care, not when Gibbs was pounding into his ass, not when Gibbs' tongue was thrusting into his mouth, and he moaned loudly.

His orgasm started to build, and Tony was almost disappointed that it would be ending soon, but he knew that there would be other times, other times where they could take it slow, but neither of them wanted that right now. Tony slid his hand back behind Gibbs' balls, and he pressed down. Gibbs grunted and threw his head back, his thrusts becoming more erratic.

“Gonna come Gibbs, so close, gotta come, oh god...”

“Come on Tony,” Gibbs panted. “Fuck.”

And then Tony was coming, coming so hard that his vision whited out, and he screamed, his hands clutching desperately at Gibbs, his come splattering between the two of them. Gibbs thrust two, three, four more times, and then he was coming too, a roar ripping from his throat, and it was dirty, and beautiful, and shattering, and so fucking perfect.

Gibbs collapsed on top of him, but Tony didn't mind the weight. Tony unlocked his legs and they slid bonelessly to the bed. Gibbs was still buried in him, and he reveled in the sensation; he could live the rest of his life with Gibbs buried inside him.

Gibbs shifted a little, and then pulled out of him with a groan. He peeled off the condom and tossed it in the trash. He fell next to Tony, and they stayed that way for a few minutes, or it could have been a few hours, Tony didn't know.

Then Tony let out a loud and slightly breathless, “Whoooooo!”

Gibbs slid a look at him and quirked an eyebrow. “Where do you think you are, a monster truck rally?”

“Nah, that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.” Tony looked to the side at Gibbs, and grinned stupidly at him. Gibbs snorted, but smiled too.

Then Gibbs' phone started to ring, and they both froze.

“Oh no. No no no no!” Tony groaned. “They can't ruin the afterglow! That's not supposed to happen!”

Gibbs sighed, and reached for his phone. “This had better be a case, or someone is getting my boot shoved down their throat.”

Tony turned on his side and threw his arm over Gibbs' waist. Gibbs sent him a look that said, “don't do anything stupid,” and flipped open his phone.

“Gibbs,” he barked.

Tony could hear the muffled voice of someone on the other end of the line, and he watched as Gibbs' forehead creased into a frown.

“Be right there,” he said shortly, and he snapped his phone closed. He threw it on the nightstand, and ran a hand over his face. “Dead sergeant down at the Dupont Circle.”

“Aw hell.”

“I don't like it either, Tony,” Gibbs snapped, but the bite was missing. Gibbs turned his head to bury his nose in Tony's hair, and he inhaled deeply. Then he sighed, and got out of bed. Tony grumbled, but he followed. He'd much rather be lounging around in bed with Gibbs, basking in the afterglow and getting ready for another go around.

He gathered up his clothes and looked up when Gibbs was standing in front of him with a wet towel. Tony nodded his thanks and started to wipe himself down. He sniffed at himself, and then he grinned. He sniffed Gibbs next, who smelled the same.

“You smell like sex and roses.” Tony pointed out.

Gibbs scowled and sniffed himself. “Damn.”

“They're gonna wonder which woman got lucky tonight, boss.”

Gibbs smiled wryly. “Just you, DiNozzo.”

Tony's brow furrowed, and he looked at Gibbs suspiciously. “Did you just call me a woman?”

But Gibbs was already dressed and walking out of the bedroom. Tony hopped on one foot as he pushed the other into his boxers. “Hey! Gibbs, come on, I'm all man here!”

Gibbs poked his head back into the bedroom, and he looked Tony over. He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Yeah, ya are.” Then he ducked back out of the room, leaving Tony with a slap-happy grin on his face. He pulled the rest of his clothes on and jogged out of the room.

This wasn't exactly how Tony had imagined his first time with Gibbs would be.

He would have to make sure he didn't strain his knee tonight, and Tony was going to hide Gibbs' belt in the freezer, and yeah, they would have to buy a case load of lube. He was probably going to get teased for smelling like roses, and he would have to hunt down the Dispatcher Who Has the Absolute Worst Timing Ever, but Tony was happy, simply because it was Gibbs.

Tony started singing “Hotblooded” on the drive to the dead Marine, and Gibbs reached over and smacked him on the back of the head. But Gibbs had a smile on his face, and that was all that Tony really cared about.
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