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( Mar. 17th, 2009 08:29 pm)
Hello all!

And of course, by "all," I mean just me, since I've just created this journal, and I know NOBODY here. *cough*

I used to have a LJ ages ago, but I fell out of it, and I was hardly on it... but I've been coming back and lurking, and I'm sniffing around the communities. I dug up my old LJ, and I didn't like my username, or ANYthing on it... so I scrapped it, and created a new one. Yay me!

I'll be posting my fanfic, icons (points at default picture), photomanipulations, drawings, wallpapers, and other unecessary crap on here for people to peruse. I'll also post rants, reviews, and other daily musings as well.

I'm sure everyone will be bored to tears.


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