I wasn't able to watch the NCIS finale last night! *sobs*

Luckily, I was able to record it here in Satellite Beach (pets the DVR), but I almost had a heart-attack last night. At around 8.25 PM, the power briefly went out, and I was like "OMG WTF NCIS!!!!" and I about had a fit. Then the power came back on and the DVR recorded NCIS in two parts. I checked to make sure I didn't miss anything important - the first part ended with Hadar asking Tony to ride with him in the car (I think?), and the second part starts with Tony in an interrogation room, and Director David walking in. Was there anything in between?

I plan on watching it tonight, if I get the chance. Then I can go discuss it over at [livejournal.com profile] navy_ncis, which I have done for the past couple of episodes, and it's just so much FUN, and then I can read all the spoiler-y crap. Because for once, I'm not reading ANYTHING. Gasp!

...but it's really hard to resist.

Just one question: Was it a good episode? Or did it royally and utterly suck? Did they reveal that Ziva is really pod!Ziva? Did Gibbs and Tony have hot sekrit sex in Director David's office?

...okay, so that was four questions. But they are all valid! Humph.
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